Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

  • 3 Common Problems That Your Piano Tuner Can Easily Fix

    A piano tuner is usually a jack-of-all-trades. Not only can he or she probably play your instrument beautifully, but your tuner can also fix a variety of problems that may be plaguing your piano. Many of these problems are easily fixed in your home while other problems may require off-site help, and sometimes the expense of the repair is not worth the cost of the piano. However, here are three common problems your piano might be experiencing that your tuner can easily fix.

  • Use Streaming Music To Stand Out As A DJ

    Becoming a DJ is by no means an easy task. Though this skill is one that can be learned quickly, mastering it can be quite hard. As a result, many people may not understand the really talented DJ professionals and hire only the cheapest ones. To avoid this problem, burgeoning DJ experts may want to consider expanding their marketing to include streaming music. Marketing as a DJ Can Be Tough

  • Music Lessons For Troubled Teens: What Could Your Child Be Doing Instead Of Engaging In Acts Of Delinquency?

    It's sometimes hard not to be delinquent as a teenager, with the raging hormones, the stress of peer-pressure and everything else going on in life, but nonetheless, it's unacceptable behavior. If your teen is experiencing the typical technical difficulties associated with growing up, music lessons can redirect some of that negative energy into something more constructive. Rather than engaging in acts of delinquency, here's what your child might be doing, instead:

  • Encourage Creativity: 4 Ways To Plan A Flash Mob For Your High School Music Students

    If you teach a high school music program, you may be looking for creative ways to showcase your student's talent. One way to do that is with a music flash mob. Flash mobs are a unique way to promote self-expression, encourage school unity, and entertain the community. Here are four steps to plan the perfect music flash mob for your high school music students. 1. Choose the Right Music When it comes to planning the perfect flash mob, all plans have to start with the right music.

  • The Art Of Ventriloquism: Why It Fascinates You

    Ventriloquism has been around for centuries. Even the ancient Greeks were practitioners of "throwing one's voice." Ventriloquism live shows have been fascinating people ever since. If you are fascinated by such a dramatic art, you may wonder why. Here are some reasons that may apply to the source of your fascination. There Are Voices, But The Ventriloquist's Lips Do Not Move The very best ventriloquists can do all kinds of voices, accents, etc.

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When I was diagnosed with a serious anxiety disorder, my therapist mentioned that music might be a great way to unwind for the day. She told me to pick some nice, soft, relaxing music and listen to it at night before I went to sleep. I was a little apprehensive to take her up on the advice, but after a few weeks I could tell that it was really working. I was able to calm down at the end of the day instead of letting my thoughts get the better of me. I have come a long way in my treatment, which is why I wanted to share my struggles with other people. Read here to learn how music might be able to help you.