Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

Trying To Sell Your Songs? How To Successfully Navigate The Process

Ambre Gauthier

If you're a songwriter and you want to get your music out to the masses, it's time to start doing your homework. There are a lot of hungry songwriters who are trying to do the same thing. The trick is to know how to navigate the process. Before you submit your songs to a publisher, read the information provided here. This information will help you to avoid problems during the process. 

Start With a Finished Product

If you want to get your songs published, the first thing you need to do is polish them up. Submitting independent songs is different from submitting books and articles. In those instances, it's often preferable to submit an idea or concept. That's not the case with songs. If you're going to submit a song to a publisher, you need to make sure that the song is ready to be recorded. Take a look at your songs. If they're polished and ready to be recorded, it's time to find a publisher. 

Know the Publishers You Contact

If you're trying to get your songs published, get to know the publishers. The last thing you want to do is submit your songs to the wrong publisher. For instance, if you are a country music songwriter, you will want to submit your work to a publisher who focuses on country music instead of hip hop or rock. Taking your time to do some research on various publishers will ensure that you choose the right ones for your music. Not only will that save you time, but it will also increase your chance for success in the songwriting industry. 

Never Attempt a Mass Submission

If you have a song that you want to get published, avoid any attempts at mass submissions. Not sure what a mass submission is? It's submitting one song to multiple publishers. That's one of the quickest ways to get doors slammed shut on you. Instead, submit one song to one publisher at a time. It's okay to submit multiple songs as long as you submit them to the same publisher, or you can choose one publisher for each one. 

Speak to an Attorney

Finally, if you're ready to submit your songs to a publisher, speak to an attorney as soon as possible. First, you'll want to make sure that your songs are protected against copyright infringement. Second, you're going to need to have legal representation once a publisher offers to buy your songs. 


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