Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

Consider These Topics Before You Choose A Live Wedding Band For Your Big Day

Ambre Gauthier

Given how live music can significantly add to the ambiance of your wedding, looking for the right band might be on your pre-wedding to-do list. There are all sorts of bands that might appeal to you, from a group that plays modern-day pop songs to a jazz quartet. While it's important to give some thought to the type of music that you and your future spouse will favor during your reception, there are several other topics that you should keep in mind. Here are some things to think about as you decide what type of live wedding band to hire.

Size Of The Venue

It's worthwhile to consider the size of the venue as you try to decide what type of wedding band you want at your reception. If you're having your reception in a small venue—perhaps a bed and breakfast or a banquet room in a restaurant—which can influence what type of band you choose. For example, you'll likely want a band with a small number of members and plays a gentle form of music. Conversely, if your reception will take place in a large banquet hall or even outdoors, a larger band or a band that plays livelier music with louder instruments such as guitar and drums may be appealing.

Number Of Elderly Guests In Attendance

While your preference is arguably most important when it comes to choosing which type of band to hire, it's nice to also think about your guests. Most notably, you should consider how many elderly guests will be in attendance. Some of these individuals might prefer a musical act that plays jazz or even classical music over one that plays modern pop songs. This is especially true of the elderly guests for whom being in a space with amplified instruments could be challenging.

Your Ethnic Backgrounds

You may also want to give some thought to your ethnic background and the ethnic background of your future spouse. Often, you may have an opportunity to choose a wedding band that specializes in music that relates to one of your ethnicities. For example, if you have a Latin background, a band that plays Latin music can be a good choice. Similarly, if your spouse's family is originally from Ireland, a Celtic band can provide the wedding soundtrack that you're looking for. By considering each of these points, you'll be able to narrow down your choice and select the right band for your big day.


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