Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

How Live Music Can Take Your Event To The Next Level

Ambre Gauthier

When hosting an event, no matter what kind it is, there is always the pressure to create a memorable environment for all of your many guests. Most people tend to focus on the food, decorations, and beautiful environment. And when it comes to music, they simply hire a DJ or put on a playlist they made themselves. While that may work to some degree, getting a musician for live events is a far better choice than you might realize. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting live music for your next event, rather than using that same old playlist on your phone!

Interactive Atmosphere

When you put on a playlist or hire a DJ the music may very well be quite good, but it will not feel as though it is a live event that is custom to your current situation. A live musician can feel the rhythm of the crowd and knows when to quickly skip through a song that may be making the vibe a bit flat or perhaps even repeat a song that gets a great reception. They can involve the audience in both choosing a song and having them sing along and they can encourage those around the dancefloor to get involved and let loose.

Fun Example

One of the main reasons why having a live singer for events is so useful is because it helps everyone around them relax and let their hair down a little bit. It is much harder to convince guests and partygoers to get out onto the dancefloor and have some fun if there is no one there already enjoying themselves. With live music, that barrier is immediately broken and because your guests can already see people up and about, singing, dancing, and moving to the beat they will also feel more comfortable doing it too.

Tailor To Your Needs

A live musician is very flexible and can change according to what you need them to do. Whether that is perhaps to immediately slow down the mood or perhaps even announce something such as the presence of the cake or even just that someone has left their car lights on, a live musician acts as an impromptu MC. They want you to have a good night and will do everything they can to help tailor their performance to your crowd and atmosphere, and they are a lot better at this than you may realize, with most having years of experience under their belt. 


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