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Relaxing With Music

4 Reasons To Regularly Tune Your Piano

Ambre Gauthier

When you have invested in a piano, you need to ensure that you take proper care of the piano. A piano is a significant instrument and needs the proper care and attention to sound right. There are numerous benefits you can enjoy from regularly tuning your piano. 

Prevent Your Piano from Getting Damaged

One of the biggest reasons to get your piano regularly tuned is so that it doesn't get damaged. It is easy to forget that a very complex instrument is underneath all of that wood. If one part isn't working correctly, the overall quality of the entire instrument can be compromised. You need the strings to have the right tension in them to keep all the other parts working right. Getting your piano tuned is like getting oil in your vehicle; regular maintenance is necessary to keep the entire unit working correctly.

Reduced Tuning

Another reason to get your piano tuned regularly is so that you don't have to get it tuned as often. Confused? The more frequently you tune your piano, the more in-tune it will be. As you continue to tune your piano regularly, you get the tuning just right, and you get used to the climate of the space where your piano is kept.

You will have to tune it less often. When you first get a piano, you will want to tune it every few months. Then in the next year, you can reduce the piano tuning in half until you get to the point where you only have to tune the window once a year. Once your piano is perfectly tuned for the climate where it is being stored, it will need to be tuned less often. 

Identify Other Issues

You can spot issues before they become serious when you get your piano tuned regularly. A professional piano tuner will be able to spot when there is something wrong with your piano. They will be able to take action before a bigger issue develops and your piano is significantly damaged. 

Better Sound

The biggest reason to tune your piano regularly is so you can enjoy better sound. Tuning will ensure that the pitch for each key is perfect and isn't flat when you play it. If you love playing your piano and want to ensure a pleasant sound comes from it each time you play it, you need to keep it tuned.

Regularly tuning your piano can help prevent it from getting damaged and allow you to spot issues and take care of them before your piano gets damaged. Regular tuning results in better sound and can reduce the overall need for tuning. 

For more information on piano tuning services, contact a professional near you.


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