Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

How To Get Your Child Excited About Piano Lessons

Ambre Gauthier

Maybe you've played the piano all your life and now you want to share that love with your child. Or perhaps you simply want your child to gain all the benefits that come from learning an instrument. Either way, you want your child to at least give private piano lessons a try. But how are you supposed to get your child excited about one more thing on their schedule and daily practice? Here are some ideas:

Find a Fun Teacher

Just because someone can play the piano very well doesn't mean they are a natural teacher. And even if they can teach, that doesn't mean they're great with kids. For a child who's just starting out, they'll need someone with a friendly personality who can give constructive criticism without being too harsh. If your child feels uncomfortable or nervous around their teacher, they likely won't want to take piano lessons for very long. Talk to other parents and see who they recommend. Meet the teachers you're considering in person with your child to see what the teacher-student relationship dynamic would be like.

Make Sure They Learn Songs They Love

A lot of pieces given to students of the piano are very traditional. While classical music from composers like Mozart and Haydn are certainly important for any piano student's repertoire, you'll want to make sure that your teacher includes songs and pieces that your child loves. Most children simply aren't listening to a lot of classical music these days, so if they know that they can learn to play a song from their favorite movie or the radio, they may see playing the piano as more fun and be more motivated to continue.

Document Practice Time and Give Small Rewards

Getting a child to practice an instrument consistently is a difficult feat. However, you can take action to make it a little easier. Find a fun way to document their practice time, such as a sticker chart or a coloring page where they can color a little square for each day. They'll enjoy seeing their progress. You can also decide on small rewards for when they hit a certain number of days. Of course, you want your child to be internally motivated to practice, but even adults sometimes need extra motivation to follow through on their goals. Eventually, if your child really wants to stick with piano, they won't need external motivators anymore.

Private piano lessons are a great way to help your child develop their brain, patience, and self-esteem, so help them get excited about it! Contact piano teachers in your area for more information about piano lessons.  


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