Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

Use Streaming Music To Stand Out As A DJ

Ambre Gauthier

Becoming a DJ is by no means an easy task. Though this skill is one that can be learned quickly, mastering it can be quite hard. As a result, many people may not understand the really talented DJ professionals and hire only the cheapest ones. To avoid this problem, burgeoning DJ experts may want to consider expanding their marketing to include streaming music.

Marketing as a DJ Can Be Tough

The art of the DJ is one that has become more underground even as rap and other music forms become more popular. A good DJ can scratch records, create mixes, and drop beats in a truly artistic manner. This process is often one that requires a lot of capital to start – for mixers and other tools – and a lot of practice. Unfortunately, marketing is still a major challenge for these types of performers.

While DJ sets remain a great option for many touring bands – usually as an opener – many people still don't quite understand what a DJ does. As a result, some bands may not be interested in their services. And clubs may not quite know what sets apart a good DJ from a bad one. Therefore, it is important for a DJ to find a way to market themselves that makes sense – streaming their music.

How Streaming May Help

The art of streaming music has expanded over the years and become more and more beneficial for many different musicians. A good DJ can utilize this service by showcasing their music in a way that interests people and which shows off their skills. Rather than handing out mix CDs, they can instead share streaming sources that people can enjoy at their leisure. They can then use these channels to compare a DJ to others and get an idea of why the former is better.

Even better, most streaming services often give some revenue back to the artist for each song played. It is true that this money isn't that high, but it can help to fund the career of a DJ. They can start by handing out cards of their latest performances, showcase channels that highlight their albums, or even provide free downloads of shows and other musical performances that can be streamed as a marketing promotion.

Therefore, it is smart to find a platform that allows for streaming. Video websites are often a great option because the performance of the DJ is often a big allure for their music. However, even websites that give a small revenue for streaming can be useful. Then, a DJ can hand out business cards with their streaming channels to reach out to more people and get more gigs.

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