Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

Encourage Creativity: 4 Ways To Plan A Flash Mob For Your High School Music Students

Ambre Gauthier

If you teach a high school music program, you may be looking for creative ways to showcase your student's talent. One way to do that is with a music flash mob. Flash mobs are a unique way to promote self-expression, encourage school unity, and entertain the community. Here are four steps to plan the perfect music flash mob for your high school music students.

1. Choose the Right Music

When it comes to planning the perfect flash mob, all plans have to start with the right music. Choosing the right music will encourage excitement for the program. When choosing the music, go with a genre that your students might not be familiar with, such as opera. Opting for an opera flash mob will expand your students horizons and expose them to new forms of music.

2. Get Students Involved in the Choreography

If you're planning a high school flash mob, choreography is key to the the concept. However, students should be allowed to take an active role in planning the choreography. Students have access to the most popular dance moves, which means that the choreography won't be outdated or stale. Choosing dance moves that are popular among your high school students will encourage enthusiastic participation in the flash mob.

3. Designate Video Operators

If your students will be participating in a music flash mob, make sure you're able to record the performance. There may be parents who are unable to be present for the performance. Not only that, but you'll want to be able to share the performance with the student body. To ensure that group participation, you'll want to designate a few students as video operators. By assigning a few of your students to record the performance, you'll be able to document the flash mob, and you'll provide valuable experience for your students. Prior to the performance, be sure to provide your students with practice time. That way, they'll know how to use the recording equipment for the official performance.

4. Plan Your Great Escape

When it comes to planning your flash mob, don't forget about the escape. You may have the performance planned down to the last step, but if you haven't planned the escape, you might not know how to end things on the right foot. Your flash mob escape plan should include exit strategies for the performance area as well as transportation back to the school.

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