Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

The Art Of Ventriloquism: Why It Fascinates You

Ambre Gauthier

Ventriloquism has been around for centuries. Even the ancient Greeks were practitioners of "throwing one's voice." Ventriloquism live shows have been fascinating people ever since. If you are fascinated by such a dramatic art, you may wonder why. Here are some reasons that may apply to the source of your fascination.

There Are Voices, But The Ventriloquist's Lips Do Not Move

The very best ventriloquists can do all kinds of voices, accents, etc., all without moving their lips a millimeter. This is a key point of fascination because everyone wants to see if the ventriloquist's lips move. If the lips are spotted moving, people are not so impressed. That is why the very best of them spend hours practicing their art in front of a mirror to perfect the lack of lip movement and increase the audience's level of awe. 

Some Ventriloquists Can Do Truly Amazing Things

If you have seen a ventriloquist drink a glass of water while his/her "dummy" sings a song in perfect pitch, that is a gifted ventriloquist indeed. Only a handful of ventriloquists are able to achieve this level of artistry, which makes it something for them to aspire to. Others are able to do two or more voices simultaneously in double-"dummy" skit that has you gob-smacked. The ventriloquists that can make sound effects in conjunction with voices without skipping a beat in the conversation are also amazing. 

It Is Creepy, But In A Fun Way

You know that it is a doll/puppet and that it really cannot talk, yet it seemingly does. It is a little freaky when the ventriloquist is able to make his or her "dummies" so very alive, so very human, and so very relatable. It holds a fascination for you because the ventriloquist seems to put so very much personality and life into each one of the "dummies," and then they are all silent again when the show is over. 

It Is Always Entertaining

Without a doubt, ventriloquizing is always entertaining. Some performers rely on comedy, which always gets laughs. Others are more serious, singing amazing tunes in amazing voices or incorporating prestidigitation into their shows (i.e., magic tricks where the "dummies" seem to come alive and assist with the tricks). There is always something new and interesting to see in these acts, and the shows entertain children and adults alike. Additionally, it is easy to get a ventriloquist to perform for most events. 

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