Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

Three Overlooked Ways To Become A Better Musician

Ambre Gauthier

Everyone has heard the statement that practice makes perfect. However, when it comes to becoming a better musician, practice is a great place to start, but it's not the complete puzzle. There are a number of overlooked ways in which you can improve your musical abilities.  

Learn from The Best

Don't forget the importance of research. When you research other artist, you can pattern yourself after the best and not just by trying to sing or dance like them, but you can connect on a deeper level. A great way to do this is to watch video footage or read about the individual, such as an autobiography.

Take someone like Michael Jackson, for example. Given his childhood adversities and other struggles, he had to have both a great level of passion and drive to propel himself to the superstar he ways. Reading books like Michael Jackson American Master can help you discover this drive and hopefully apply it to your artistry.

Connect With People

Although music is meant to be a personal experience, it is also about connecting with other people. Whether you play an instrument or sing, when you perform you want other people to walk away fulfilled and inspired. Being sociable is a great way to gain knowledge that can help you meet these goals.

When performing, look at your audience and examine their attitude, energy and intensity. You can even engage in conversation with other artists and learn how they connect with their audience. Joining an artist group is a great place to begin. Connecting can make you a better communicator, which will ultimately make you a better artist.

Stay Healthy

Make sure you understand that being a great artist and remaining healthy go hand-in-hand. Poor health causes a number of issues. It can cause you to be too weak to perform and it can even affect your vocal abilities. It's important that you keep good health a top priority.

In addition to remaining physically active, you also want to be mindful of the type of diet you follow. Take spicy foods, for example. Frequent consumption of this type of food can cause irritation to your throat and vocal cords. Should this occur, you will likely experience discomfort when you try to sing, which will only inhibit your abilities.

Becoming a better artist is a multi-dimensional process. From researching other artists to staying healthy, make sure you are making this a top focus to excel to the next level.  


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Relaxing With Music

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