Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

Tips For Making Your Guitar Pick Grip Feel Natural

Ambre Gauthier

When it comes to holding your guitar pick, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Different players hold their picks in different manners based on the type of pick they use and even on the genre of music they play. If you're going to buy guitar picks online, it's ideal to consider buying a few different sizes and varieties and then determining which feels best in your fingers — especially if you're new to playing the guitar and haven't put much thought into picks in the past. Perhaps you've been accustomed to one type of pick but it's never really felt like an extension of your body, which it definitely should for you to succeed as a player. Once your picks arrive in the mail, here are some different things to try to help the grip feel natural.

Keep The Index Finger Bent

Many beginners make the mistake of holding the pick between their outstretched thumb and index finger. The concern with this grip is two-fold — your thumb and finger will definitely get fatigued during a long period of playing, and you'll have trouble controlling the pick adequately because it's so far away from your body. By bending your index finger, you'll instantly increase your control, which is ideal whether you're looking for pick individual notes or simply strum in a rhythmic fashion.

Choke Down On The Pick

Another mistake that's easy to make is leaving too much of the pick sticking out of your fingers. While this can be acceptable with a light pick while strumming, the moment you want to pick individual notes, you should make sure to "choke down" on the pick. This means sliding your grip farther down the pick so there's less material sticking out. This will provide you with more precision and less of a chance of the excess pick inadvertently making contact with other strings. It might feel unnatural for a bit, but enough practice will confirm that this is an ideal way to pick notes.

Keep Your Fingers Relaxed

A light grip is often conducive to success while playing guitar. While you don't want to hold the pick so lightly that you drop it, pinching the pick too tightly will lead to fatigue and a lack of flow while you strum. If you find that the light grip you're trying to execute results in you consistently dropping the pick, include some grip picks in your next online order; these have a scratchy surface and stick to your fingers with greater ease.


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