Relaxing With Music

Relaxing With Music

Etiquette Tips For First-Time Recording Studio Musicians

Ambre Gauthier

Whether you're in a rock band, you're a classically trained singer or you perform music that lies somewhere in the middle, it's an exciting process to hit the recording studio for the first time. When you haven't previously found yourself in this environment, it's important to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the importance of the occasion and simply allow yourself to perform as you have countless times. It's also necessary to obey the often-unwritten rules of the recording studio. While the space might have a list of rules, such as keeping your refreshments away from the recording console, there are other things to keep in mind that will make you a perfect guest during your first session at a studio such as Sonic Farm Studio.

Don't Bring A Crowd

Some musicians love traveling with an entourage of supporters and helpers, but it's best to leave this crowd behind when it's time to record -- even if you're feeling that you could use a boost during this new experience. Remember that you're paying for your studio time and that the sound engineer is a professional on whose experience and skills you're heavily relying. Neither of you needs the distraction of people hanging around the space and getting in the way. If you want to celebrate your first recording, organize a get-together at a different location after your recording session is over.

Keep The Unnecessary Noise Down

After each time you perform, you'll often join the engineer in the sound booth to go over the recording and talk about how you both might wish to change it. Be aware that any noise during this phase will compromise the engineer's acute ear -- and waste his or her time and also your money. Ensure that your cellphone is turned off and that you avoid talking to others in your group about anything other than what you're hearing.

Respect The Engineer

A recording session can often have dissenting opinions, and while you might want to get the final say as the artist, you need to remember that the engineer has extensive experience that makes him or her an authority on the task at hand. It's OK to say that you don't agree with the engineer's suggestions, but you really can't go wrong with trying to implement them, either. At worst, you'll simply have an outtake -- at best, this expert's suggestion could completely change the direction of the music you're recording and make it more successful.



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